Monday, November 9, 2009

I am busy....

I am busy. I have a ten day work schedule between my private care home that I work for and with VIHA. Ten days mean 80 hours between both places. My next day off is next Monday. (I am on day four of my ten day working spree!) After my only day off it is seminar on top of seminar at different hospitals in and around Victoria (more like orientations) regarding work safety and Senior health issues. Yup, I am busy. But it is a good busy. I am happy.

Also, I would like to announce that my house hold has decided to become smoke free. Because of health issues regarding a very good and dear friend, my house hold has decided that in support of this very good friend we are going to kick the nicotine habit. Today is day one of really tring not to smoke. I just about caved in to the nicotine monster a couple of times so far today, but I held my ground.

Wish us luck in becoming smoke free.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And I was about to give up.

Today is a mixed bag of emotions for me with relations to work. And it has to do with the fact that I have never, ever been in this sort of situation before. Now this should be a good thing. I should be excited. I should be celebrating. But How do you tell your first employer - how just offered to take you on full time (40 hours a week with 100% coverage for medical and dental for the whole family) that your dream employer with the better career options just hired

I have been talking to Viha (the dream employer) ever since my I started my first job in my profession. I sent out the resumes at the same time and I took the first job offered to me. But behind the backs of my first employer, that I like working for.... I have been talking to Viha. Talks stopped. Talks resumed. An interview happened. References been checked. And when I think that things have come to a stand still once more with VIHA, my first employer offered me a full time "Night" shift. With all the trimmings. Like one big turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Here is the funny part. When my first employer told my about the opening behind the DOC's back, The "DOC" (director of care) told me that I could not have the position because no one had responded to the offer. I didn't know about the position because the week it was posted, I was unable to work. So protocol needed to followed. The Nursing home had to hire out side of the Causal list and if that person who has been interviewed says "NO" to the job, then the job was mine. Sooooo I did not think to much about the full time postion. It was just a happy thought that one of directors had put the offer out there to me, personally, not knowing that there had already been an interview sit up with an out side person. It was just nice to know that as an employee, I was valued and thought of to be asked if I wanted the position.

Yesterday, I got word that the "out side person" declined the job. Work called and said the job was mine and I could start my new position next Monday. I was soooo excited. it was all I could do not to talk about it so much last night with my family.

Then VIHA called. This Morning. I am Hired says the voice on the other end of the phone. I jumped for joy, I was in all the since of the word "idiot" on the phone when I was asked if there was any reason why I should not have the job. I said and I quote: "I am a....very, very, good person and I am good for the job!"

So here I am at a cross roads with employers. What a scary wonderful feeling. I like where I work know. But with Viha..... A whole bunch of doors just opened. New opportunities. New learning of new skill sets. I get to practice my trade to its full scope. As where I am now. I don't. I am truly excited.